Dylon Ultra Whitener & Oxi Stain Remover 5 per pack

0.5 kg

Brilliant whitening & stain removal in one!
The new Dylon¨ White 'N' Brightª & Oxi Stain Removal will inject new life into your whites and will help to deal with difficult stains - for brighter and cleaner results!
New Formula Double Whitening Power* + anti-greying system
*The formula of Dylon¨ White 'N' Brightª & Oxi Stain Removal contains double of the amount of optical brightener vs. the previous product to reinforce the whitening effect on the laundry.

Oxi Stain Removal
Effective even at 30¡C
Removes the toughest stains: Coffee, fruit, wine, grease, oil...
Advanced whitening action, Removes tough stains from 30¡
Country of Origin
Produce of the EU Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: Produce of the EU