Dylon Colour Catcher Laundry Sheets 50 per pack

0.5 kg

Our Best Ever protection against colour accidents

Complete Action
Prevents Colour Run Accidents
Colours that run in the water during the wash might bleed into your laundry. Thanks to its patented technology the sheet acts like a magnet and traps loose dye from the water - assuring maximum protection against discolouration and colour runs. The proof is on the sheet!¨

Protects Colour Brightness
Even if not seen by eye, traces of dye might deposit every wash and build a layer of mixed colours on the garment over time - and the colours become dull. The sheet traps the dyes from the water before they deposit on the garments. It helps to keep your colours bright for longer!

Effective at All Temperatures
Extra absorbent fibres of the sheet provide maximum protection at all temperatures. For best results use Colour Catcher¨ in every wash.

Allows Mixed Washes
As the sheet protects against colour transfer it allows you to wash all colours together, even with whites. Colour Catcher¨ protects your laundry and saves your time and money by allowing mixed washes.

Prevents Greying
Greying is an accumulation process. Grime and dirt are traces which redeposit on the fabric during several washes and their build up become visible over time. By removing loose dirt particles from the wash the sheet protects fabric from greying.

Prevents Dirt Residuals to Redeposit
Dirt particles may also float in the wash water. With its unique feature the sheet catches released dirt particles from the wash water for a better cleanliness of your fabrics.

Smart Washing
Less sorting = fewer wash loads.
Save time, water and energy.
Performance against colour accidents, Ultra absorbing fibres, Prevents colour run accidents, Allows mixed washes, Protects colour brightness, Prevents greying, Effective at all temperatures, Prevents dirt residual to redeposit Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK