Durex Latex Free Condoms 12 per pack

0.5 kg

Durex Laxex Free Condoms

Durex Latex Free condoms are made from a "technically advanced" non-latex material which makes them suitable for people who have, or who think they may have, an allergy to natural rubber latex proteins.
Tests show that Durex Latex Free condoms have minimal potential for induced delayed hypersensitivity (also called "Type IV allergy" and "allergic contact dermatitis").

Latex Free
These condoms are suitable for users who are latex sensitive.

Smells Better
The special way we make our condoms means they smell better.

Product Features:

World's N¡ 1 condom brand, Love sex, 100% electronically tested, Latex free, Smells better, Polyisoprene condom, suitable for latex allergy sufferers, Easy-on shaped & teat ended for comfort & fit, Transparent & lubricated Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK