Daylesford Organic Lamb Leg Steak 340g

0.5 kg

lamb raised outdoors on lush grass & wild forage

Our love for food inspires us to go further:
We've been farming organically for over 35 years,
meaning our animals enjoy their natural grass and forage-based diet, growing
into strong and healthy animals, free from unnecessary chemicals, antibiotics
and GM feed.

We choose British breeds who thrive in their native landscape and encourage
healthy biodiversity on our farm. We avoid waste of any kind, so manure and
kitchen waste compost are returned to the soil as rich natural fertilisers.
We have even built our own abattoir to ensure the highest animal welfare and
reduce food miles, which results in better tasting meat, and we spread our
message far beyond the boundaries of our own fields.

Each step of our journey is made with a conscience, and a love for food.

Country of OriginUKSuitable for freezingOrganicLIFE 3d+Product life guaranteed for 3 days excluding delivery day, with an average of 6 days. Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK