Comfort 58 Wash Perfume Deluxe Lavish Blossom Fabric Conditioner 870ml 870ml

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Get the most out of your wardrobe and add life to your clothes with Perfume Deluxe variant inspired by the latest trends in fine fragrance. This ultra concentrated fabric conditioner features an extraordinary blend of floral and oriental notes, with white flowers, amber and citrus fruits. With its top notes of fresh herbs and citrus, heart note of lush white florals and base note of amber, Comfort Perfume Deluxe Lavish Blossom is a fragrance so gorgeous youÕll forget itÕs your fabric conditioner. Perfume Deluxe is a sophisticated collection of fabric conditioners that wrap your clothes in truly luxurious fragrances you will always be inspired to wear. Lavish Blossom, as well as other scents from the range, have been specially crafted in partnership with world-renowned perfumers. And play your part by helping reduce the negative impact on the environment Ð this fabric conditioner comes in a bottle made from 100% recycled plastic**. At Comfort, we've been caring for clothes for 50 years and still celebrate the positive impact clothes have on us. By enhancing clothes with premium fragrances and extending their longevity, we help clothes tell stories about identity, culture and carry personal memories. Most importantly, when clothes are cared for, they make us feel positive and happy. That's why softness and long-lasting freshness will always stand at the heart of every Comfort product.

*bottle is 100% recyclable once sleeve is removed
**excluding cap and spout
Add life to your clothes with Comfort Perfume Deluxe Lavish Blossom Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, a luxury fabric softener, Enjoy the intense freshness of your laundry with a premium floral smell inspired by the latest trends in fine fragrances, Our fabric conditioner is ultra concentrated so you can use smaller doses and is made of 100% recycled plastic packaging**, The luxurious and exotic fragrance has been specially crafted in partnership with world renowned perfumers, Do not pour directly onto fabrics Ð choose the right wash setting and let your washing machine take care of the rest, as it releases the fabric softener during the final rinse cycle, Explore the range of Perfume Deluxe and experience the variety of exquisite fabric conditioner fragrances, including Divine Petals and Luscious Bouquet
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