Brew Tea Company Loose Leaf Starter Kit

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What are Rolled Whole Leaves?
Fig4. Two Leaves and A Bud
Our tea is plucked from the top of the plant, using the newest leaves - known as ' two leaves and a bud'. After drying they are left as intact as possible and gently rolled instead of chopped. The result is a smoother, sweeter cup of tea than that from the broken leaves at the bottom of the plant.

Faff-Free Loose Leaf Tea
Our kit makes loose leaf tea as simple as possible. We designed it to be less stuffy and more approachable, so that you can spend less time measuring out tea leaves and more time enjoying your tasty tea.

Fig 1. Tea Pot
Our pots make tastier cups of tea - there's no basket, meaning the rolled whole leaves have tons of space to absorb more water. The bonus of a strong glass pot like this means you also get to watch those leaves unfurl as they brew.
Fig 2. Scoop
Thanks to some clever design work, a level scoop of rolled whole leaves gets you the ideal portion of tea for the pot every time - no matter which of our blends you're drinking. Easy, tasty loose leaf tea.
Fig 3. English Breakfast
There's nothing like a proper cup of tea made with real leaves. The tasty richness of Indian Assam coupled with the refreshment of a Ceylon is the perfect blend to wake up to, with or without milk.

Make Tea Awesome
We're flying the flag for tea drinkers everywhere!
This means delicious, quality tea for everyone - whether you need a strong and milky cup in the morning or want fresh and punchy iced tea in the summer. Because tea shouldn't be boring or weird - it should always be awesome.
100% rolled whole leaves, No artificial ingredients, Hand packed in Manchester, Good business all around

Suitable for vegetarians

LIFE 1m+

Product life guaranteed for 1 month. Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK