Brew Tea Co Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 113g

0.5 kg

Make Tea Awesome
It's Not 'Just' Tea
Tea deserves more than papery teabags in a weak, watery sludge. It should be treated like the classic it is. We only ever use rolled whole leaves, which make for a tastier brew.
Banish the 'J' word, make tea awesome.

Rolled Leaves, No Dust.
Our Earl Grey
There aren't many things more refreshing than a cup of Earl Grey. We never use flavour granules on our leaves, so our brews taste less like hot perfume, and more like tea. Perfect.

What You're Brewing
Ceylon Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, Orange Peel, Calendula Petals
Light & fragrant, 100% rolled whole leaves, No artificial ingredients, Good business all round

Suitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK