Brabantia H 50-60L Bin Liner Dispenser Pack 30 per pack

0.5 kg

Easy to fit - a perfect fit - with tie-tape - in handy dispenser pack.
These SmartFix bin liners have been specially developed for Brabantia 50 litre waste bins. You can recognise the right size and type by the special colour code that you will find on this pack and on the inside of your Brabantia bin. The bin liners are made of extra-strong PEHD and are not harmful to the environment when incinerated or dumped in the land-fill site. The bin liners can be thrown away with normal household waste after use.
CONTENTS: 30 BAGS 60 X 82 CM (W X H).
Easy transfort and tie-tape, Easy to use dispenser pack, Tailor made for Brabantia - invisible when the lid is closed, Handy tie-tape for easy closing and transport, Smart coding - easy to find the right bin liner for your waste bin, Made of extra strong, tear-resistant plastics, Suitable for 50-60 L, 60 L, 50-60 L, 50 L
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