Bold 2in1 Washing Liquid Gel Spring Awakening 888ml 24 Washes 888ml

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Clean, crisp and natural, Bold Spring Awakening Washing Liquid Gel feels like a fresh spring evening has soaked into your fabrics, brimming with notes of blooming flowers. Intensify the irresistible scent and hang your clothes out on the line to dry in the glorious spring sunshine. Unlike traditional washing powder, Bold Gel allows for easy pre-treatment!
Washing Liquid Gel for Brilliant cleaning with built-in Lenor freshness, Outstanding results even at 30¡C, Enjoy the refreshing scent of Spring Awakening, Try the Dream Team: Bold + Lenor Fabric Conditioner + Lenor Scent Booster, Also available as All-in-1 Pods for even more freshness
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France Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: France