Bio-Synergy Body Perfect Fat Burner Capsules 60 per pack

0.5 kg

- All-natural weight loss formulation

- Pure herbal extracts boost your metabolism

- Stay energised and motivated with small doses of caffeine

- Green tea aids in digestion and promotes health

- Award-winning and made in the UK

Voted top weight loss product by the Daily Mail, Bio-Synergy Body Perfect is an effective weight-loss capsule containing high-quality herbal extracts like Green Tea, Bitter Orange, Caffeine, Guarana and L-Tyrosine. Polyphenols (the active ingredient in green tea) and Caffeine have been shown through extensive research to boost and maintain your body's metabolism, keeping you fit and in shape no matter what your lifestyle. Body Perfect is manufactured in the UK to the most exacting of standards, so you can be assured of its quality.
Country of Origin
UK Nutrition Value: Typical Analysis:ÊPer capsule Ê Ê% RDA ÊL-Tyrosine Ê165mgGreen Tea Standardised Extract 400mgCitrus Auranthium Ê 82.5mgNaringin Ê66mgCaffeine Ê50mgÊAlpha Lipoic Acid Ê33mg Country Of Origin: UK