Bioglan Superfoods Super Vegan Protein 100g

0.5 kg

Bioglan Superfoods Super Protein is a vegan, energy-enhancing blend of adaptogenic superfoods ashwagandha, maca, ginseng and schisandra and plant-based pea and rice protein. It's also been enhanced with vitamins C, B6 and yerba mate which is a tea popular in South America for its stimulating properties.

Suitable for vegetarians

LIFE 1m+

Product life guaranteed for 1 month. Nutrition Value: Energy Kj 1536kj per 100g
Energy Kcal 367 kcal per 100g
Fat g 5.0gÊ per 100g
(of which saturates) g 1.4gÊ per 100g
Carbohydrates g 4.0g per 100g
(of which sugars) g 0.5g per 100g
Fibre g 0
Protein g 75g per 100g
Salt g 1.06g per 100g Country Of Origin: UK