Bioglan Inulin 250g

0.5 kg

Inulin is a water-soluble fibre sourced from chicory root which offers a range of health benefits. It is non-digestible so it passes through the stomach, and small intestine, into the large intestine where it is fermented by the gut bacteria, providing the bacteria with the material and energy needed to proliferate and grow.

Country of Origin


Suitable for the microwave Nutrition Value: Energy Kj 879kj per 100g
Energy Kcal 210 per 100g
Fat g 0g
(of which saturates) g 0g
Carbohydrates g 8g per 100g
(of which sugars) g 8g per 100g
Fibre g 89g per 100g
Protein g 0g
Salt g 0g Country Of Origin: UK