Bio Orto Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Coratina 500ml

0.5 kg

Naturalmente biologico!
The Bio Orto organic monocultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil is loaded
with polyphenols, which means it has a taste with a marked bitter and spicy
note and an intense fruity tone. This is the epitome of Apulian cultivars: an
evo oil with a brilliant personality , a fine and characteristic taste, with
a vegetal aroma. Ideal for use raw, especially for adding to legume soups,
salads and bruschetta.Country of OriginItalyOrganicSuitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Typical Values per 100g
Energy kJ 3757
Energy kcal 899
FatÊ(g) 99.93
of which saturatesÊ(g) 14.42
CarbohydratesÊ(g) 0
of which sugarsÊ(g) 0
FibreÊ(g) 0
ProteinÊ(g) 0
SaltÊ(g) 0 Country Of Origin: Italy