Avalon Damage Control Conditioner 397g

0.5 kg

A carefully balanced blend of organic argan and avocado oils,Ê calendula extract and quinoa protein work in harmony to:

- Penetrate and renourish the hair shaft

- Seal in replenishing moisture and radiant shine

- Protect hair from heat styling, UV damage and other environmental stressors

- Fight signs of aging such as dry, brittle or wiry stands

The result: renewed hair that feels soft and manageable and has a healthy shine and bounce

Clinically tested: 91% of users reported easy to detangle hair after use.Ê In clinical testing, users reported hair felt moisturized and looked healthy after use.

This Avalon Organics¨ conditioner formula is EWG VERIFIEDÀ, which means it meets the Environmental Working Group's strict ingredient standards and features the EWG VERIFIEDÀ seal on its label.Ê

Features & Benefits

- Repair hair and limit damage from heat styling and environmental factors

- Anti-ageing haircare

- Certified to contain organic ingredients and EWG-verified

- No GMOs, Parabens, Harsh Sulphates, Petrolatum or Phthalates, Synthetic Colours or Fragrances

- Earth-friendly, biodegradable formulas

- Vegan & Cruelty Free

- pH Balanced

OrganicSuitable for vegetarians Nutrition Value: Country Of Origin: UK