Ariel Washing Powder Original 40 Wash 2.6kg

0.5 kg

When you look good and smell good, you feel good. And it all starts with getting the best wash for your clothes. ThatÕs where Ariel Original washing powder comes in. It removes tough stains by cleaning deep down in the fibres and prevents them from setting in. It even removes the stains that cause bad smells like sweat and body odours, leaving your clothes looking and smelling brilliantly clean. It gets to work at 30¡C and gives your clothes a fresh scent of cleanliness throughout the day. Wash your clothes again and again with confidence.

For an extra boost of freshness and softness, use together with Lenor fabric conditioners and Unstoppables.

Ariel Original is also available in washing liquid & pods.
Outstanding stain removal in the 1st wash, Renews your whites, The washing powder dissolves quickly without leaving residues on clothes, Leaving your clothes looking and smelling brilliantly clean, Brilliant cleaning on whites as of 30¡C, Helps lift off dried-in stains, Reduces the grip for dirt and for stains to set in
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