Ancient + Brave Cacao & Collagen 250g

0.5 kg

delicious organic Peruvian chocolate blend rich with adaptogenic herbs,
antioxidants and potent amounts of nourishing collagen. Cacao + Collagen is a
perfectly designed magnesium, iron and amino acid rich chocolate brew.ÊÊHigh in protein and fibre this delicious organic blend has been formulated
to enhance your mood and energy whilst working to boost skinÀs radiance.ÊÊ It contains high levels of theobromine that
acts as a powerful delivery system for the potent amounts of skin nourishing
collagen, antioxidant rich raw cacao, adaptogenic Siberian ginseng, liver
cleansing beetroot and vitamin C rich baobab.ÊÊAncient + Brave combines expertise in medical herbalism and functional
nutrition creating potent, nutrient rich blends to upgrade your health and
activate your potential.Ê At the
forefront of nutrition, wellbeing and longevity Ancient + Brave's products
are designed to deliver targeted health benefits that enhance brain, body and
beauty.ÊDelicious organic blendÊÊ2000mg of nourishing True Collagen in each servingÊAdaptogen richÊHigh in antioxidants, fibre and proteinÊÊImproves cognition and enhances physical performanceÊHelps you fast for longerÊHigh in iron and magnesiumÊRich in feel good elevating neurotransmittersÊImproves cognition and enhances physical performanceÊFocus + energy + fat burn

Country of OriginUKOrganic Nutrition Value: Typical Values per 100g per 10g serving
Energy kJ 1369 136.9
Energy kcal 328 32.8
FatÊ(g) 6.92 0.69
of which saturatesÊ(g) 4.07 0.41
CarbohydratesÊ(g) 14 1.4
of which sugarsÊ(g) 5.07 0.51
FibreÊ(g) 29.81 2.98
ProteinÊ(g) 37.44 3.74
SaltÊ(g) 1.31 0.13 Country Of Origin: UK