Airwick Smooth Satin & Moon Lily Plug In Twin Refill 2 x 17ml

0.5 kg

Scented Oil for Air Wick Electrical Plug Diffuser
Smooth Satin & Moon Lily
Experience the enticing floral notes of Moon Lilies, and slip away to a luxurious world of satin sheets and delightful perfume.

Lasts up to 200 days*
* 12 hours usage/ day on low setting
Based on each refill lasting up to 100 days
*When used with the latest Air Wick device at the lowest setting in accordance with the usage instructions.

Nothing but the ingredients you need
Great fragrance
Infused with Natural Essential Oils
Free from
Phthalates, Acetone**
**Not intentionally added
Infused with natural Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK