Aduna Detox Tea with Green Tea & Turmeric 15 per pack

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Aduna Detox Super-Tea is a bright, earthy green tea balanced with warming turmeric, a pep of citrus and a twist of pepper; this purifying blend is rich in taste and characterÊ

Green Tea is beloved all over the world thanks to its delicious flavour and impressive health benefits Ð rich in antioxidants, it supports everything from healthy skin to digestion. Turmeric, with its famous bright yellow-orange colour, has been a spice-rack staple for decades. Recently, it has been promoted to a Òsuper-spiceÓ in the West thanks to its medicinal qualities.Ê

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.Ê Reducing inflammation in the body can help prevent serious illnesses including liver disease , diabetes , heart diseaseÊ and cancer . Despite its many benefits, however, curcumin is fairly difficult for the body to absorb. Combining turmeric with piperine, a natural compound found in black pepper, helps the body to absorb its beneficial effects, which is why our Detox tea features a hint of pepper.

One of the main benefits of both green tea and turmeric is their ability to support the normal functioning of the liver , one of our key detoxification organs. By blending green tea, turmeric and black pepper with cardamom, hibiscus and liquorice root Ð three botanicals known to support digestive health and the elimination of waste and toxins from the body, we believe we have created the ultimate Detox tea. Here are its top 10 benefits:Ê

1. Detoxification Ð elimination of waste and toxins from the body

2. Healthy function of the liver

3. Digestive healthÊ

4. Energy release

5. Immune function

6. Protection of cells from oxidative stress

7. Healthy skin

8. Mental health & normal function of the nervous system

9. Alertness and concentrationÊ

10. Heart health and circulation

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