Active Woman Activate Luscious Chocolate Protein & Energy Shake 450g

0.5 kg

- Get ready to rock with this invigorating pre-workout energy shake
- Made with premium protein for long-lasting vitality
- Green Tea boosts fat loss
- A complete dose of calcium and folic acid for strong bones
- Your full RDA of Vitamin D and Vitamin B6

This one's for the active women on her way to goddess status. Activate¨ is a high-intensity pre-workout energy and protein shake that has next to no fat. Delicious, light and refreshing, Activate is designed to give you the drive to push yourself harder.

As part of the Active Woman range, Activate has been specifically designed with the nutritional needs of sporty woman in mind, with every ingredient been carefully selected to make sure that you get exactly what you need when you need it.

With 25g of high-quality whey and micellar casein protein per 30g serving, you can kickstart your muscle recovery right after workouts. WeÀve also included proven micronutrients that give you all the support your active body craves, whether youÀre a regular gym goer or just starting a new fitness regime.

Green tea extract puts a little more bounce in your step and boosts your metabolism while Vitamin D, B5, B6, calcium, zinc and folic acid help you feel good and torch more body fat.

This pre-exercise protein shake has been tailor-made to lift your body up to new heights before a workout. With a delicious blend of the highest-quality whey protein, Activate delivers the energy and power you need to keep your muscles toned, strong and ready for action. It also brings you up into peak shape with an invigorating and natural lift of green tea, widely recognised for its energising and anti-oxidant properties. With the added benefit of a range of vitamins and micronutrients like Vitamin D for muscle function, Vitamin B5 & B6 for energy, and Zinc for healthy body balance, Activate is a one-stop shop to energise and uplift your body before a workout. Nutrition Value: Typical Values per 100g per 30g serving
Energy 1480kj 444kj
Energy 353kcal 106kcal
Protein 83.5g 25g
Carbohydrate 5.27g 1.58g
of which sugars 4.26g 1.28g
Fat 1.56g 0.47g
of which saturates 0.97g 0.29g
Fibre nilg nilg
Sodium 0.106g 0.032g
Vitamin B6 4.67mg 1.4mg
Vitamin D 17µg 5µg
Folic Acid 667µg 200µg
Pantothenic acid 20mg 6mg
Calcium 1740mg 522mg
Zinc 16.7mg 5mg Country Of Origin: UK