Acana Moisture Absorber & Freshener

0.5 kg

Acana Moisture Absorber & Freshener is specially formulated with the latest technology and ingredients. Effectively removes excess moisture & unwanted musty odours, freshening continuously with a clean & fresh "Cool Marine" fragrance. Helps protect clothes, fabric, food stores, electronics & more from moisture damage.

Its 3 in 1 action:
Removes musty odours
Freshens the air
Prevents mould & mildew

Improved, new mineral beads combined with extra venting area provides faster absorbsion and better fragrance diffusion.

Long-lasting too, the unit is effective for up to 12 Weeks giving controlled and continuous action.
The Renew Indicator also tells you when to replace the unit.
Moisture in - freshness out, Removes musty odours, Freshens air, Prevents mould & mildew, Fast acting, With water level indicators Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK