Acana Carpet & Upholstery Moth Trap Refill 42g

0.5 kg

Acana Carpet Moth Monitoring Trap effectively attracts and traps carpet moths and carpet beetles - all without the use of harsh chemicals. Advanced pheromone technology attracts them to the unit, trapping them on the Sticky Board, to provide immediate and visual evidence of an infestation.
Designed to initially act as a "first alert" of an infestation, it is then used to monitor the effectiveness of the Moth Killing Treatments being used to deal with the infestation. We recommend Acana Carpet & Fabric Moth Killer Spray as the killer treatment for adult carpet moths, eggs & larvae.
The large 100sq cm surface area of the Sticky Board ensures effective trapping of any carpet moths or beetles present.
Complete with Timestripª visual End of Life indicator - so you now exactly when to replace the Sticky Boards. Now improved with faster acting formula and wider reach.
The system of care for complete home protection, First alert of infestation, Large catching surface, No harsh chemicals, With end of life indicator, Also traps carpet beetles, Effectively attracts and traps carpet moths, Each board lasts 8 weeks, Optimised dynamics Nutritional Value: Country of Origin: UK